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About Pennine Pen Animal Rescue CIO

Founded in 2001 by Michael Waugh, Pennine Pen Animal Rescue CIO, microchips, vaccinates, worms and neuters all animals in our care. We take in and provide sanctuary to unwanted or abandoned animals and work to find them a forever home.

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Kenny’s Story

Kenny hit the national and local press in November 2016, when he was found abandoned on a nearby street to the Rescue, neglected, emaciated and very close to death.

Kenny is a Pakistani Mastiff, otherwise known as a Bully Kutta, and was aged around eighteen months old when he arrived at Pennine Pen. He has since recovered from his ordeal, but still has a number of allergies and conditions which require ongoing treatment.

Kenny had endured serious neglect and abuse during his short life, including having his ears ‘cropped’ (which is illegal in the UK) and he was also in severe discomfort, as a result of being covered from head to foot in Sarcoptic mange .  As a result of his past, Kenny is unable to be rehomed and has since found his ‘forever home’ right here at Pennine Pen.

Kenny has become a renowned celebrity with both visitors to the Rescue and the local community when out on his daily walks.  He is truly adored by both the staff and volunteers at the Rescue and we will provide all we can to ensure he has a happy and fulfilled life for the remainder of his days.

If you would like to make a difference to the lives of our other animals, please donate today to keep the Rescue running and help us to help animals most in need.

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Shelter Hours

We are open to the public:

Monday: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
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Rescue Centre Address: Honeywell Lane, Oldham, OL8 2JP
Parking: Free parking facing the Rescue

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