Agria Pet Insurance

Pennine Pen Animal Rescue CIO has partnered with Agria Pet Insurance to offer affordable cover for your pets.

You will receive up to five weeks free insurance when adopting a cat or dog from Pennine Pen and you can opt to continue the insurance to give you peace of mind with covering veterinary fees.

The insurance offers a range of standard benefits and you can purchase optional benefits too, such as overseas travel.

Insurance for adopted older pets

As a Rescue, we often struggle to rehome older animals, due to the fact that most insurance companies will not cover ‘oldies’.  As a result, older cats and dogs are overlooked and often wait much longer to find a loving home.

When adopting an older cat or dog from Pennine Pen, Agria Pet Insurance will not apply a maximum age limit and this helps us to rehome older animals in our care, as new owners will not need to worry about finding an insurance policy to cover their pet.

To benefit from this unique offer, you will need to extend the policy beyond the free five weeks you automatically receive.

Purchasing an Agria Pet Insurance policy

You do not need to have adopted an animal from Pennine Pen to purchase Agria Pet Insurance.  However, cover for older cats and dogs only applies when adopting a pet from Pennine Pen.

You can purchase a policy by calling 03330 30 40 33 or visiting the website:

If you purchase a policy, please quote either reference I.D. 23536, or Pennine Pen Animal Rescue CIO when you call and the Rescue will receive a financial contribution for every policy purchased.  So, you will not only receive the benefits from insuring your pet, but you will be supporting the Rescue too.

To find out more, you can also view the following link:

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