Meet Danny

Adoptable dog at Pennine Pen Animal Rescue in Manchester, UK

Status: available

Breed: Chihuahua

Age: Four years old

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Danny is looking for a very understanding and patient home. Although Danny is a lovely boy, he can be very complexed in a number of different ways.

Prior to arriving at the Rescue, Danny lived a very sheltered life in his previous home and has not had much socialisation. He finds new people and the outside world very scary.

Once Danny knows you, and you have gained his trust (which will take time), he does like a fuss and attention on his terms, but still, if he gets scared and overwhelmed, he will nip out of fear, so reading/ understanding his body language is a must for any potential new adopters!

Danny is looking for an adult only home with a single person or couple. Danny is a dog that bonds strong with a single person, so if he is to go to a home with a couple, you are both going to have to work hard to get him to accept the other person in the relationship but given time he will.
He is also looking for a home that has minimal visitors. Danny is highly likely to never be a dog who enjoys visitors or who will want any potential visitors to touch him so his new owners will need to be aware and conscious of this.

Danny can be very nervous on his walks, especially around traffic, so his new home will need to be away from any busy roads, then he can get used to going out on walks in a quiet area.
Danny will need a secure garden of his own, NOT communal and NO flats.
It is going to take time for Danny to adapt to his new family and surroundings, and he will need to do this in his own time. Initially, he will need a hands-off approach until he is comfortable in his new home and with his new family. If he is pushed or feels threatened, this is when he becomes scared and overwhelmed and will react.

Danny can live with other dogs of a similar size with successful introductions. Danny can also live with dog savvy cats.

Please note that any existing pets must already be neutered.

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Rescue Centre Address: Honeywell Lane, Oldham, OL8 2JP
Parking: Free parking facing the Rescue

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