Meet Sugar

Adoptable dog at Pennine Pen Animal Rescue in Manchester, UK

Status: adopted

Breed: Mastiff / Boxer crossbreed

Age: Ten years old

We are looking for a long-term foster home for our darling Sugar. Please read everything needed to be able to take on Sugar as she needs this home to be her final one.

Unfortunately, Sugar is not a well girl (although she is ok in herself at the moment) and has a few ongoing health issues.

Sugar has an inoperable mass on one of her anal glands, which eventually will stop her going to the toilet and will be uncomfortable for her. She arrived in our care with a chronic ear infection, which she has since had treatment for, but will likely require on going treatment.

We know Sugars prognosis is not good, but while she is happy and well in herself, she deserves a home just as much as any other dog.

Due to all Sugar’s health problems, we are looking for a long-term foster home for the rest of her days, her foster home must:

Be able to drive to take Sugar to the vets when needed and live local to the Rescue
Have a secure garden (not shared)
Be willing to administer medication if needed.
No young children.
Be able to communicate with us about Sugars appointments and update us on her condition.

Sugar can sometimes have accidents when she is asleep, so her foster family will need to be ok washing bedding and keeping her happy and clean.

Sugar will still remain be under the Rescue’s care, so all her vet bills will be covered by us and we can provide food if needed.

Sugar just needs whatever time she has left to be in a home with a family. Sugar cannot live with other dogs, but has lived with a cat for the past five years. She cannot walk far (10-15 minutes at most) but does enjoy little plods for a sniff and change of scenery.

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