Meet Norris

Adoptable dog at Pennine Pen Animal Rescue in Manchester, UK

Status: available

Breed: Crossbreed

Age: Eighteen months old

Norris arrived at Pennine Pen from another Rescue after he was found as a stray and never claimed.

Norris is a bouncy young boy, who has a lot of potential, but he does need someone committed to his training.

Unfortunately, Norris has not been socialised or had much in the way of training. This has left him wary when meeting new people and things have to be done at his pace, but once he knows you and is comfortable with you he is very playful and friendly. As a result, his new family will need to be able to undertake consecutive visits to build up a bond with Norris before he can come home with you (we canot say how many visits, that will totally depend on Norris).

Norris has walked on-lead with other dogs at the Rescue and can meet some dogs when he and they are both calm. He will need to be the only dog in the home. He will need more work done with him to focus on his human whilst on walks (he is very food motivated which helps a lot).

Norris would need his own secure garden with a six foot fence and plenty of walks. He has started learning how to walk nicely on lead but this will need to continue in his home. Due to his size, he will need a handler capable of holding him when he is being bouncy.

He jumps in the van with no issues and travels in a crate. He will need to be an on lead dog unless in a secure field (he has been loving his visits to My Dog Field).

Norris is a young boy with so much potential in the right home. He has begun his training and socialisation with us, but needs his new family to be committed to making him the best boy he can be.

* Cannot be rehomed with cats *
* Adult only home with no visiting children *
* We only re-home locally in Oldham and surrounding areas up to an hour away *

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