Meet Lenny

Adoptable dog at Pennine Pen Animal Rescue in Manchester, UK

Status: adopted

Breed: Kangol Shepherd

Age: Two years old

Lenny is a giant breed and will require everything to be ‘super sized’, meaning his ongoing costs will be more expensive, including vet bills.

Lenny is not suitable to live in a flat and will need plenty of space and a secure garden with high fencing, as standing on his back legs, he can quite easily pop his head over a 6ft fence.

Lenny cannot live with cats or small furries, and due to his size and unknown past, we will not rehome Lenny with children.

Lenny has walked with other residents and met dogs on his walks and has just wanted to play. He may be able to live with another dog with successful introductions, but due to his size, not a small dog.

Lenny loves his walks, so needs an active home with a strong handler. He walks well in a head collar, but if he can use his size and strength against you, he will.

Lenny’s family will need a vehicle big enough to comfortably fit him in. He does not like getting into small spaces, so will not get or fit onto the back seats of a car and may need a van, or the seats collapsing in the back of a car, for him to happily travel.

Lenny is a big bouncy puppy at times and just loves to be around people. He would be fine being left for a few hours if you work, as once he has had a walk, he does chill out on his bed.

Lenny is toilet trained and has not had accidents while he has been with us.

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