Meet Jax

Adoptable dog at Pennine Pen Animal Rescue in Manchester, UK

Status: adopted

Breed: Crossbreed

Age: Four years old

Jax has not had much luck in finding his forever home and in his short life, he has had a lot of change, so he is understandably anxious and will take time to settle in new places and with new people. This means all members of the family must make multiple visits to the Rescue to build up a bond with Jax. Once he is settled and bonded with you, he is a fabulous loving dog, but to get to that place, you will have to be willing to put a lot of time in with him. His nerves and anxiety are something that are never going to go away. Training and trust is what Jax is looking for.

Jax will need to have someone around at home, most of the day, for quite a while and work will need to be done once Jax is in his home to build his confidence with being left on his own, because he panics and becomes extremely anxious. We have been kennelling Jax with one of our resident dogs and it has really helped him to settle, so having a confident friend who will play with him and keep him company could really help Jax in his new home. This would require successful introductions at the Rescue as Jax does not get along with all dogs and can be reactive to some. Jax really deserves a happy ever after, but it has to be the right home, with a patient family, who will build his trust and confidence.

Jax cannot live with cats or small furries. He is never going to be a dog suitable to go off lead and needs a home with a secure garden.

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