Meet Jasper

Adoptable dog at Pennine Pen Animal Rescue in Manchester, UK

Status: reserved

Breed: Miniature Poodle cross

Age: Seven years old

Jasper lived all his life with a lady on his own, but then she was poorly and was unable to care for him anymore, so he went to another Rescue. He was struggling in the busy environment, so came to Pennine Pen for a fresh start and has been a lot happier.

Jasper has many amazing qualities and is a lovely little boy. He is toilet trained, he is a great little companion in the car, he loves his walks and walks well on his lead. He is friendly and really sells himself when meeting people as he enjoys human company.

But Jasper has not had boundaries, which has left him with some behavioural difficulties, which will need carefully managing and understanding in his new home, so please consider carefully if you could give Jasper what he needs before you message us.

Jasper is currently being muzzle trained as he hates the vet and a simple visit is a stressful experience for him, as any over handling of him makes him very uncomfortable, so his new home will need to carry on muzzle training him and building up his confidence in being handled with positive reinforcement.

Jasper needs to be able to make his own choices in the home, he will not accept having his collar held and being asked to get down off furniture etc. His new family need to be able to read his body language and know when he is feeling uncomfortable and not push him as he will nip in these instances. As a result of this, Jasper is not suitable to live with children.

Jasper can walk with other calm dogs, but would be best homed as the only pet.

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