Meet Enzo

Adoptable dog at Pennine Pen Animal Rescue in Manchester, UK

Status: adopted

Breed: Cross-breed

Age: Two years old

Enzo was taken to a vets to be euthanised because he had no recall and his owner would let him off his lead and he would run away.

Enzo loves his walks and is an extremely active boy, so he will need a family who can keep up with him. When out on walks, he is a dog that MUST be kept on his lead at all times, because he has no recall and likes to chase fast moving things. Being part hound, he will also follow his nose to wherever it leads him without any thought of what danger it might get him into.

Enzo is good with people and older children and has been great with all other dogs at the Rescue and while out on walks. We feel Enzo could live with other dogs with successful introductions.

He is an extremely vocal dog when he gets excited and is trying to tell you something, or when he sees other dogs on walks, but he means nothing by it and just likes to let everyone know he is there… it is the hound in him!

He would like to be left home alone for the least time as possible, so someone who works part time would be ideal. Enzo needs a house with a garden, NO flat/NO communal area, he need his own space and freedom.

We have cat tested Enzo and he was very well behaved, so we feel he could live with confident dog savvy cats. However, until they all get to know each other, he would need to be supervised at all times.

Please read his full write up and only apply if you feel can meet his needs. If you can offer Enzo a home please private message us directly.

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