Meet Chico

Adoptable dog at Pennine Pen Animal Rescue in Manchester, UK

Status: reserved

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Age: Three years old


Chico is a standard size Yorkie who is looking for a special and understanding home.

He came to us after his previous owner could no longer give him what he needed and struggled to deal with his behavioural issues. Chico is a fun loving and playful little dog who is always on the go. He is super affectionate and loves his people once he knows them and will form a strong bond.

He lives for his walks and likes to be taken on all different adventures. He can mix with other dogs but can be very vocal when he sees/first meets them out on walks. Chico will need to be kept on a lead at all times when out on walks.
He loves his toys and like to entertain himself with them, he especially likes his squishy ball. Chico is good in the car (crated) and gets in/out no problem.

Chico is looking for a home that can give him all the attention, mental stimulation and exercise he needs and someone who can deal with what we like to call…. his quirks!

Sadly, Chico has had some bad experiences with men in a previous home which has led him to be reactive to most men in and out of the home. He can get along/form relationships with men, it is just a process. Sometimes it’s minutes, hours, or multiple introductions until he feels safe around a new man, but once he does he is your best friend. Introductions to new men will need to be done in the correct/controlled way (on lead and with treats) but we will go into more depth regarding this with his new potential owners. It is something that will need managing throughout his life and it will be a big commitment.

Chico can be a very vocal dog in and out of the home when he is excited, he just cannot control himself and releases his excitement by barking, but we are hoping with some training he will get better.

He has lived in a multi-dog household and with cats in his previous home so we have no problem placing him in a home with other animals with successful introductions.

Chico is house trained and none destructive when left, but is looking for a home where someone will be about most of the time.
Chico can be a little houdini so needs an extremely secure garden of his own.
– Must have a secure garden, not communal.
– No children or visiting children 16+ only.
– Not a busy household with multiple people coming/going.
– must be an active home who can take Chico out on long walks.

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