Meet Flora

Adoptable dog at Pennine Pen Animal Rescue in Manchester, UK

Status: available

Breed: Portugese Sheepdog

Age: Eighteen months old

Flora arrived at the Rescue from a pound in London, as her owners could no longer look after her.

When Flora arrived, she was literally petrified and still is with new people, environments and situations, but she has made fantastic progress since arriving over four weeks ago and we feel she is ready to find herself a very special forever home.

Flora’s new family need to understand how nervous she can be and how much time it is going to take for her to gain a bond with them.  Prospective owners will need to make a number of visits at first to meet Flora and it will be a case of just sitting in a room and throwing treats to build her confidence. Flora is only young and needs plenty of exercise.  Walks can be a challenge and would be better taking place in a quieter area, away from traffic, and other scary noises.  Flora’s new family need to be active, as well as strong enough to hold her if she panics, as she can pull and if you were to drop her lead, you would never get her back! We have been mixing Flora with dogs on walks and she does have a couple of friends she enjoys a run around in the grounds with, but she would prefer to be the only dog in the home and could maybe have friends she can walk with, or have occasional play dates.

Flora needs a larger sized secure garden as she loves a good run around, so we feel it would be nice for her to have her own space that she can be off her lead and safely play and burn off some of her energy. Flora needs a quiet adult only home with minimal visitors at first.  Flora would thrive with confident/experienced handlers and a good routine.

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